Yona: An Open Source Restaurant

Yona is named after the Prophet Jonah, who escaped the prophecy and met the whale. He went into the sea at the precise location of the restaurant, the historic Jaffa port; the oldest functioning port in the world.

An open source restaurant, Yona offers complete transparency to its culinary magic: admire the chefs in action as they turn raw materials into delicious delectables. The food is exceptionally fresh thanks to excellent raw materials; the bread is baked on site, the yogurt and ricotta are homemade, and fresh salmon and meat are smoked in-house.

Cool to see their love of open source, but wished that their website used something like a WP.com Restaurant theme 🙂


A great little spot in the mission in San Francisco [4sq]:

Fabulous BBQ in Napa: BarBersQ

Hit up a new BBQ place this weekend up in Napa called BarBersQ. In my recent BBQ adventures I hadn’t run across a place quite like this.The food was top notch and the setting was not what you would expect from your typical BBQ joint. It’s a an indoor-outdoor “fine dining” setup with an elegant design and of course great wine selection.

It’s only about 50 minutes from San Francisco so totally doable for a dinner spot. Worth checking out if you are in the bay area — here’s the yelp link.

Next up will try to get to Gorilla Barbeque in Pacifica. I’ve driven by it a few times but never eaten there — looks pretty awesome and it’s in an old train car — must be good !