What do the WordPress VIP Workshop & the Google exec team retreat have in common?

While reading this post about Google & Larry Page on Business Insider, I ran across this blurb:

In February 2013, Google’s senior executives flew in from around the world to meet at the Carneros Inn, a rustic resort in the hilly vineyards of Napa Valley. This was Google’s annual two-day, top-secret retreat for senior executives.

Carneros Inn is a magical place – and is also home to our annual VIP Developer Workshop.

Fabulous BBQ in Napa: BarBersQ

Hit up a new BBQ place this weekend up in Napa called BarBersQ. In my recent BBQ adventures I hadn’t run across a place quite like this.The food was top notch and the setting was not what you would expect from your typical BBQ joint. It’s a an indoor-outdoor “fine dining” setup with an elegant design and of course great wine selection.

It’s only about 50 minutes from San Francisco so totally doable for a dinner spot. Worth checking out if you are in the bay area — here’s the yelp link.

Next up will try to get to Gorilla Barbeque in Pacifica. I’ve driven by it a few times but never eaten there — looks pretty awesome and it’s in an old train car — must be good !