Interviewed in March 2010 InStyle Magazine

This article hasn’t popped-up online yet, but I was one of a handful of people interviewed for the “E-Manners” article in the March 2010 issue of InStyle magazine.  A bit different than my previous couple of interviews 🙂 The topic was around a set of questions I seem to get often today, about what’s appropriate to blog, tweet, facebook, etc.

A friend just took a pic and sent this to me after seeing it in the airport 😉 It’s on page 420:

From March 2010 InStyle Magazine page 420

Interviewed in Folio Magazine

Was interviewed for an article in Folio Magazine this month — Can Publishers Attract (And Retain) The Best Digital Talent?:

Companies should encourage their engineers, designers and digital executives to blog, speak at events and generally reach out and participate with various development communities, especially open source ones, such as WordPress. “It’s a great way for traditional companies to connect with top talent, and ultimately is a benefit when they are trying to attract the good ones,” says Bar-Cohen.

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peHUB Interview: Behind the Screens

I was interviewed by Connie Loizos of peHUB last week for their ongoing series, “Behind the Screens”:

Beginning a couple of weeks ago, we began shining a light on some of the unknown stars who are adding much of the value to some of Silicon Valley’s hottest companies. Raanan Bar-Cohen easily meets that bar.

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