Interviewed in Folio Magazine

Was interviewed for an article in Folio Magazine this month — Can Publishers Attract (And Retain) The Best Digital Talent?:

Companies should encourage their engineers, designers and digital executives to blog, speak at events and generally reach out and participate with various development communities, especially open source ones, such as WordPress. “It’s a great way for traditional companies to connect with top talent, and ultimately is a benefit when they are trying to attract the good ones,” says Bar-Cohen.

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4 thoughts on “Interviewed in Folio Magazine

  1. Except it seems if you are Apple, because then you wouldn’t be working.

    “Similarly, a shareholder who was also a former member of Apple’s UI team asked why no one from Apple was attending this year’s national accessibility conference, and asked how Apple keeps up on current issues. Jobs replied that Apple doesn’t participate in conferences because then “we wouldn’t be here working.” He said that Apple’s customers do a great job keeping the company informed and reminding the company when it’s falling short, and that Apple leads the computing industry in accessibility.”

  2. Good point @lloyd. I guess there are always exceptions to the rule — and hard to argue w/ Apple’s success so far. Plus they don’t have the challenges of attracting top talent in the engineering/digital space as some of the MSM publishing companies do.

  3. I meant for a little apple sweet sarcasm to drip through.

    I think Apple’s … confidence is dangerous, at least if any other companyapplied it 😉 Being insular is not a robust approach.

    Great article, and incredible insights as usual Raanan!

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