Video: Fu**ing Ben Affleck – Jimmy Kimmel’s Response to Fu**ing Matt Damon

Wow ! If you saw the last video, you have to see the response, featuring Jimmy Kimmel & Ben Affleck:

(direct youtube link )

almost as impressive, the list of celebs includes: Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Macy Gray, Robin Williams, Don Cheadle, Huey Lewis, Josh and Meatloaf !

Video: F**king Matt Damon

Via Davenetics:

Forget Bill and Hillary or Brad and Angelina, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman are the official “It” couple after Silverman’s tribute to her boyfriend on his show’s fifth anniversary.

Enjoy — super funny !

Update If you haven’t been following the Kimmel VS Damon saga — check out this video, and then this one, before you watch the video below.

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Video roundup: Crysis Physics demo, Homeboy Chanukah, and “Here comes another bubble”

Three great videos to share today.

The first, is demo footage from upcoming game called Crysis. It shows off a pretty amazing physics engine. This game and a few others may get me back into PC gaming one of these days:

The next video is called Homeboy Chanukah, and is simply hysterical. My buddy Tom who runs the film company New York Street Films created this video:

And lastly, Kara Swisher just blogged about a new video called “Here comes another bubble” sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. Pretty funny and well produced:

Google Maps Street View: Halloween style

google street view halloween pic A day early, but good to see the Google holiday treatment isn’t confined to just logos on

While trying to find a good cafe in SF today I noticed something a bit different in google maps street view mode.

It appears to be a witch on her broomstick in place of the normal icon.

Click over to google map and select “Street View” (upper right corner) to see it in action.

My favorite videos that are marketing / HR / recruiting tools

Some smart companies are creating videos that not only are fun to watch, but truly act as a recruiting tool for their companies / services. So while some of these sites rely on social media / UGC, they are seeding their own services by creating content for their own site as a way to kick things off.

A few examples:

1) I saw this one a few months ago, and my first reaction was “I would love to work there”:

We did this video one night after work. We are a company called Connected Ventures, a group of friends who work for: Vimeo, CollegeHumor, Busted Tees, and Defunker… and, we’re hiring:

watch video here

2) And this one most recently is a farce on raising money from VCs ( in hebrew, but with subtitles ), promoting their new how-to video site 5min (thanks Ouriel).

5min is a place to find short video solutions for every
practical question and is also a place for people who want to share their knowledge.

watch video here

3) And of course, FunnyorDie which launched ( I believe ) with the first episode of “The Landlord”: watch video here

4) Our very own beta video player on was launched featuring Matt and Barry “after-hours”. Click to watch.

5) And lastly, one of my favorites, from the Gmail team, which is a cross of a screencast and a puppet show 🙂