Video: Fu**ing Ben Affleck – Jimmy Kimmel’s Response to Fu**ing Matt Damon

Wow ! If you saw the last video, you have to see the response, featuring Jimmy Kimmel & Ben Affleck:

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almost as impressive, the list of celebs includes: Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Macy Gray, Robin Williams, Don Cheadle, Huey Lewis, Josh and Meatloaf !

Video: F**king Matt Damon

Via Davenetics:

Forget Bill and Hillary or Brad and Angelina, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman are the official “It” couple after Silverman’s tribute to her boyfriend on his show’s fifth anniversary.

Enjoy — super funny !

Update If you haven’t been following the Kimmel VS Damon saga — check out this video, and then this one, before you watch the video below.

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