2009 Year-End raanan.com Blog Stats

This is always fun for a stats junky like me ūüôā

Last year this time I posted my raanan.com 2008 stats, and I’ve previously posted some stats from 2007 about this blog.

So here is a summary for 2009 from the WordPress.com stats on this blog:

Top Posts (based on pageviews):

  1. Switched to Google Apps for Personal Ema
  2. Quick Tip For BlackBerry Users When Call
  3. The Great Sync on OS X: Google Calendar,
  4. Upgraded to iPhone 3GS from 3G. Veridct:
  5. Mozy Online Backup Service Review
  6. OS X: Upgrading and Installing Leopard –
  7. Sync Skype Chat History on Multiple Mach
  8. Google Apps and Gmail Fix “On behalf Of”
  9. Garmin Nuvi 350 portable GPS navigator r
  10. https://raanan.com/tag/baghdad/

Nothing too surprising, just more evidence that how-to posts and reviews get a ton of traffic, mainly from search engines. Also interesting that the top 3 posts are actually from 2008. In fact 4 out of the 10 are from 2008, 5 from 2009, and 1 from 2007.

Top Referrers (non search engines):

  1. automattic.com/about
  2. stumbleupon.com
  3. gmailblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/send-m…
  4. ma.tt
  5. twitter.com/raanan
  6. google.com/reader/view
  7. wordpress.com
  8. twitter.com
  9. blackberry.wordpress.org
  10. iphone.wordpress.org

One thing about this report was that it was very long tail outside of the top few. Also — we all know this, but I’m not sure it’s widely covered, on just how much traffic stumbleupon sends to sites. Unlike spikes from Yahoo Front page or Digg, which can be massive but are over within hours usually, stumbleupon traffic usually has a smaller spike but it tails off very slowly and continues to drive traffic for months.

Top Search Terms:

  1. installing leopard
  2. google apps personal
  3. mozy review
  4. 3g vs 3gs
  5. skype chat history
  6. raanan bar-cohen
  7. comcast blast review
  8. iphone stickers
  9. dialing letters on blackberry
  10. p2 wordpress

Top Clicked Links:

  1. google.com/a
  2. google.com/intl/en_us/mobile/sync
  3. hanselman.com/blog/MigratingAFamilyTo…
  4. linkedin.com/in/raananbarcohen
  5. flickr.com/photos/raanan/sets/7215761…
  6. photomatt.net/2007/06/20/raanan-joins
  7. plaxo.com/downloads
  8. bombich.com/software/ccc.html
  9. flickr.com/photos/raanan
  10. faq.wordpress.com/2007/05/23/gmail-mx

So there you have it.¬† If anyone out there want to hack around a bit, there is an API for the WordPress.com stats system, http://stats.wordpress.com/csv.php,¬† that I’m sure could produce some interesting stats and trends — would be a great web app.

Happy new Year everyone !

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