P2: The New Prologue

Since we are very distributed company here at Automattic, we use lots of online collaboration tools including IRC, Skype, blogs, and wikis.  The other big thing we’ve been using internally is a WordPress theme called Prologue that we developed last year.

Prologue is essentially a group twitter theme, and we’ve been hard at work updating it ( we are calling the new version P2 ) to include ajax updates, growl-like notifications, threaded comments, and a few other really clever features.  It also looks great on the iPhone !

It’s available right now on WordPress.com, and will be available for self-hosted WordPress within a week or so.   Definitely worth checking out.

10 thoughts on “P2: The New Prologue

      • Tom says:

        I don’t suppose you’d be able to give any advice about how to tweak the CSS to get the sidebar to display? I’ve only just installed the P2 theme and I was very disappointed to realise that the sidebar doesn’t show in iPhones.

  1. Hej Raanan
    I am trying to upload images (or any other media) to my post using P2 theme but I cannot. After I chose the file I don’t get the attach to post button, only the delete button.
    I trying to run it locally and on the net adn it is the same problem in both cases. Is there a problem with the theme?

  2. Dia Ritoch says:

    I like P2 theme very much. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that after uploading the image file, it only shows the attachment file name. Is there some way I can get the image to display? I am planning to create a semi-dailybooth for my community.

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