raanan.com has a new home: WordPress.com

This blog is blazing fast !

Why you ask ?  Because it’s now on the grid platform at WordPress.com 🙂    Up until now I’ve been running it on a server that I’ve had for a number of years.

The process of moving from a self hosted WordPres setup to WordPress.com was super simple.  For those who are interested, here was the proces:
Step 1) Exported the blog content from my old blog by clicking “export” in the WordPress dashboard
Step 2) Imported the XML file and the images from my old blog to WordPress.com with the 1-click importer in the WordPress.com dashboard. (image fetcher feature will be available soon on WordPress.com)
Step 3) Confirmed that everything was in place on the new blog — the importer brings everything in – posts, pages, images, youtube embeds and comments.
Step 4) Added the mapped domain option to my WordPress blog so that instead of raanan.wordpress.com, it becomes raanan.com
Step 5) Selected the blog.txt theme and applied it ( this theme will be released on WordPress.com soon ).
Step 6) Changed the name server settings at my registrar

And that was it.  What’s also nice is that I was able to get rid of the plugins I was using because that functionality is already bundled in with WordPress.com – including Akismet, Stats, and Gravatar.

4 thoughts on “raanan.com has a new home: WordPress.com

  1. It looks great, and it is much faster! The only thing missing is lijit search… 😉

    Is it a new theme? It looks very clean, and for what its worth, the delicious link isnt active.

    This hosting change is almost as big news as the funding… 🙂

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