Automattic news

Some very exciting news tonight – we announced a $29.5M series B round of funding.

Our CEO Toni Schneider summarizes it well:

Late last year we sat down to figure out how we’d like to expand our business in 2008 and beyond. Since things are working well, we didn’t want to make any major changes. However, we did set a couple of new goals. One was to put enough money in the bank to have financial security for years to come. Another was to invest more aggressively into our “other” products and services (other than WordPress) like Akismet, Gravatar, and bbPress. Today’s financing will help us achieve both of those goals.

Lots of coverage including: wsj , GigaOM, new york times, ReadWriteWeb, toni, and matt (sporting his new domain !).

You can also track the discussion over on techmeme.

6 thoughts on “Automattic news

  1. Know we just IM’d but thought I would drop you some public blogosphere congratulations to you, Toni, Matt and the entire WordPress team. Great stuff, well-deserved and look forward to the continued enhancements that we’ll see in the future.

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