twitter on SMS ? why not use mobile web or mobile IM ?


Lots of buzz about twitter these days, and I must say the service is really growing on me.

( if you don’t know what it is, the best way to explain it is to look at this: ).

One thing I’m not sure I understand is why people elect to use SMS with twitter. I see two problems: 1) diminished importance of SMS messages which I have set to alert me in a similar fashion to a phone call and 2) depending on your cell plan, you only get about 100 SMS messages/month included for free.

I see tons of people getting messages all day long, and then getting crushed by the cost of all these inbound SMS mesages.

Why not use mobile web, or a jabber/gtalk IM on your phone/blackberry. That way it’s easy to see and track, plus it’s part of your data plan in most cases.

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