Apple TV – thoughts on other devices and media implications

apple tv

Apple TV (AAPL) is getting good reviews so far, and the inevitable hacking has also begun that i’m sure will extend the functionality ( and void the warranty ! )

For me, I’m holding off for now. I usually try to buy the 2nd generation of most new product ( I bought the iPod nano, not the Mini – recommended the treo 650, not the 600, etc ). I’m also keeping an eye on the slingboxpro which looks really compelling and adds the mobile feature that I’m really keen on getting.

The big news in my mind with Apple TV and other similar devices is not watching Lost via iTunes on the big screen (although that’s nice), but rather the democratization and leveling off of the playing field that these devices create.

Ask a Ninja, Tikki bar tv, diggnation and other great video podcasts are now on equal footing for my attention when I have an hour to kick back on the couch and watch something fun. Production values/costs are obviously different, but I really just want to be entertained, and some of these podcasts do a great job at that. Couple this Apple TV movement with cheap Sony HD cameras, and you really start seeing the shifting landscape.

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