Reblog: The Return of My Unsolicited Annual Plug for

Nice post from John Scalzi:

Today marks the third anniversary of Whatever’s association with, via its VIP hosting service, and the best compliment I can think to give in this regard is that it’s been three years since I’ve had to think about whether my blog is up and running.

via The Return of My Unsolicited Annual Plug for – Whatever.

Relaunch: VIP Site

Many of the largest WordPress-powered sites in the world such as ones for CNN, GigaOM, and the NFL are hosted on VIP and/or supported by our team through our VIP Support program.

The informational site for the VIP program was getting a bit stale, so we did a refresh and relaunched it just a few hours ago. You can see it at, and be sure to check out the short video where Barry and I chat about all things VIP: