Private Location Sharing with Glympse

I love foursquare, and have geolocation turned on for my blog and Twitter, but have often wanted to share my location with just a select few — and not the world.

The other day I ran across Glympse – and it does exactly what I was wishing for. You install the mobile app, and then you email or SMS who you would like to share your location with. The recipients don’t need the app, they just follow a private link, and they get to see in real-time where you are and the progress you are making. You also control the duration of the time where they can track you.

I find this perfect for meetings and letting your family know that you are heading home.

I’ve been testing it all week, and for me it’s replacing my SMS updates as I make my way to a destination with a single one of these glympse links – it’s very cool.

Video overview below:

Worth checking out: