Dave Pell’s NextDraft on WordPress.com

My favorite daily newsletter, NextDraft, from the amazing Dave Pell, is now on WordPress.com:

So here’s what this WordPress sponsorship means for NextDraft:

– You can now read NextDraft wherever you want, including on a blog that utilizes responsive design so it looks great on any device. It will be free. And it won’t include any intrusive ads.

– I’ve merged my blog Tweetage Wasteland into the NextDraft brand and those posts are now called NextDraft Originals. Expect some great guest contributors and a new series of interviews called NextUp.

– Each of the blurbs in each edition now has its own permalink and unique spot on the web. This has dramatically improved NextDraft’s sharing functionality. Each blurb can easily be shared with a click or two.

– NextDraft is now hosted and supported by Raanan Bar-Cohen and the excellent team at WordPressVIP, so it will be fast, scalable, and generally awesome.

Full announcement post here.

And if you never read it, go do it now, you’ll be forever more informed and amused: nextdraft.com

Dave Pell: Mel Gibson Calls the Internet

As the kids would say today, OMG, this is good stuff. The talented Dave Pell, of Tweetage Wasteland- Confessions of an Internet Superhero fame – has put together something very special.

(Before you listen to it by clicking play on that YouTube embed, make sure you get up to speed on the insanity that is Mel Gibson):

Inspired by Mel Gibson’s outlandish recorded phone calls to his ex, I decided to call the internet with some complaints that have been building up. And I did it, Mel style.

[ via davenetics.com ]

Dave Pell’s Addictomatic Launches

My buddy Dave Pell, of Rollyo and Davenetics fame, launched Addict-o-matic yesterday.  Addict-o-matic is an innovative yet simple to use news aggregator meant to give you a very quick snapshot of what’s going on based on a search term / topic.  Dave describes it as a service that:

… searches the best live sites on the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images. It’s the perfect tool to keep up with the hottest topics, perform ego searches and feed your addiction for what’s up and what’s now.

I’ve been beta testing it for a bit, and I really like how it doesn’t require login credentials even when customizing.  Rather, it creates a unique URL you can share with friends.  You can also choose which sources you want displayed including WordPress.com search results.

Techcrunch reviewed it and said:

Addictomatic sports a very clean and manageable layout – a necessity given the amount of information it throws at you. Users can add, remove, and rearrange the location of each headline feed, and layouts can be saved by simply creating a bookmark. The site is also offering plugins to integrate Addictomatic into browser search fields.

The very smart Seth Godin agrees:

It’s pretty simple. It gives you a popurls type view of the web for any search term you can imagine. Nicely done.

Definitely worth checking out @ addictomatic.com