Cuil Search Engine Thoughts

Like everyone else I watched the frenzy over the launch of Cuil, a new search engine founded by several ex-Googlers.

After using it a bit, there is definitely something nice and elegant about Cuil, and I noticed that Matt was going to use it for a few days to get a better sense of it as well.

As I’m sure 99% of people do, I typed in my own name to see what results would come back, and was shocked by the results 🙂

On the one hand, it correctly identifies me as a multi-dimensional athlete – baseball, basketball, and boxing ( thai kick boxing in my case ).

On the other hand, it appears that Matt has taken over my “look & feel” UI aspects, as it clearly shows his head-shot on my blog.

So why is Cuil showing these results ? How does Cuil have the confidence and “chutzpah” to make these associations ?  Ouriel may have stumbled on the answer based on his recent post to twitter:

“CUIL in French is like “Balls” (the dirty meaning)”

Ahh !  Now it all makes sense 🙂

But seriously — it’s good to see another search engine play – and hope we see some great innovation and search improvements overall.