Comcast “Blast”

I guess I got spoiled when I lived in Brooklyn and had a fairly fast internet connection using Cablevision’s Optimium Online Boost service. It delivered 30 megs down and 5 megs up (link).

When I moved to San Francisco I expected something even better, but instead was only able to signup with Comcast’s 6 megs down / 768K up service.

So when Comcast upped the offering ( for an additional $10/month ) to 15 Mbps / 2 Mbps I signed up. And according to this speedtest I’m getting pretty close to what I should be seeing:


Hopefully we’ll catch up soon with countries like South Korea that offer 100Mbps connections at half the cost – we rank #14th currently. I also hear Verizon Fios will be available in my area soon — and offers 25Mbps up/down. AT&T is also expected to up their DSL offering. And lastly I could choose my next apartment based on where web-pass is setup – they offer 45 megabit synchronous connections at select apartment complexes in SF 🙂