Props to Dick Costolo of the Feedburner Mafia

There are still moments when print has an impact that’s unmatched in anything available in digital form — and that’s definitely the case with a business section cover in the NYT:

Lots of people talk about the PayPal mafia (and rightly so) – but I’ve got my eye on the Feedburner mafia ! Beyond Dick Costolo, you have from the BD team alone, Rick Klau now a partner at Google Ventures, and Don Loeb at Adobe (via Typekit). All great folks, and they were awesome to work with back in the RSS Feedburner days.

And big props to Dick for a great NYT story and for leading Twitter under an intense spotlight.

It’s as if every move at Twitter is judged like it’s being done by your hometown NFL coach. Everyone is a Monday morning quarterback and everyone has an opinion on how Twitter should run their business. And in the meantime, Twitter has built a fantastic business, and in my view one of the most addictive and useful service on mobile today.

[If you haven’t read it already, definitely worth a read “A Master of Improv, Writing Twitter’s Script”]

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