WordPress and Politics Plus DNC 2012 Pix

For this election cycle, both the DNC and RNC powered their sites with WordPress, and a good many candidates this year at all levels did as well. It’s a huge signal that among those building sites in politics who want to take advantage of great CMS capabilities, top notch social integration, and out-of-the-box search friendly content — that the natural choice is now WordPress..

For a bit more context, WordPress powered 40% of the sites involved with the US Senate races, 35% of Congressional races, and over 41% of Gubernatorial races. We just put together a great infographic, WordPress Powers Politics, that is worth checking out with more of these stats.

In terms of events, our WordPress.com VIP team was in Charlotte earlier this month at the Democratic National Convention. I was able to swing by for a couple of days of meetings and to get an overall sense on how our government is using WordPress.

This DNC was my first one, and I had also been to the RNC when it was held in NY in 2004 when I was working at TIME.

Here are a few pics that I took:

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