Eight Things to Fix in Offline Google Mail

Way back when, I used to use Google Gears to run gmail in offline mode in Firefox – usually when on a plane without wifi. Eventually Gears was retired, and a while after that, Google released a chrome app called Offline Google Mail that looked to do most of what you could once do with Gears.

I know I can install Thunderbird or run Mac Mail to do email offline, but I like the idea of using just my browser and not installing or running other client apps.

So on a recent trip Virgin America had non functioning wifi, and on the other leg it just barely worked. So I figured I’d put Offline Google Mail through it’s paces. What I found was pretty lacking and I took some notes 🙂

  • 1) This is a biggie. It won’t work if you are offline ! WTF you may say ? “Offline” is in the app name. Yes, but to make it work, you need to first launch the app while you are online and then keep the browser open. Otherwise you see some version of the screenshot above.  This seems like something that has to be fixed — as you never know when you might need offline access, and certainly don’t want to have to plan for it.
  • 2) Reply-all always CCs me the sender. Small thing, but annoying to have to remove yourself each time if there is more than one person on a thread.
  • 3) native spell checker doesn’t work.
  • 4) can’t force plain text mode in reply, you get stuck in this visual/rich mode which I’m not a fan of
  • 5) no option to send & archive, which is my default in gmail
  • 6) A biggie. It doesn’t detect the email address (i use multiple ones) to which the email was sent to. Unlike desktop gmail – which replies from the account the email was sent to
  • 7) When I click save, it picks a different time zone than my machine’s. Maybe that’s a gmail/calendar thing — but causes confusion.
  • 8) Another biggie. It doesn’t download attachment or images, clicking “show images” doesn’t do anything. Would love an option to include attachments.

Too bad it’s not open source — could send in patches 🙂

Anyone else have a better setup or recommendation ?

I see other complaining too:

5 thoughts on “Eight Things to Fix in Offline Google Mail

  1. Mo Jangda says:

    I do offline Gmail on my phone via the Android Gmail app, since it syncs last 30 days worth of stuff in your inbox. Not optimal but a quick way to clean it out.

  2. BJ Kitchin says:

    It would seem your concerns are no longer an issue. I just tested gmail offline and the only thing I couldn’t do was use a text only view. Which I can live with. I had no problem with attachments, auto populating email addressees, reply didn’t cc me, etc. Worked well.

  3. Keith Allum says:

    I tried out Chrome because I had to accept a Win8 replacement for a Win7 netbook. Having wasted an estimated month trying to recover lost functionality I strongly advise getting hold of Opera 12.16, setting gmail to ‘Basic view suitable for slow connections’ and setting up mail forwarding. Hey Presto! Now everything now works again, on and offline…

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