Google’s Augmented-Reality Glasses — Microvision technology ?

Really fun video today from Google on what they are working on in terms of augmented reality glasses – pure concept at this point, but we can all see where this is heading 🙂

Plus if this came out a couple of days ago it could have been mistaken for an April Fool’s joke 🙂

As I watched this video, i couldn’t help but think that this is very close to what Microvision has been working on for a very long time. (disclosure, I own some nearly worthless MVIS stock). They’ve been building wearable see-through displays for the military, doctors, and one day for consumers:

2 thoughts on “Google’s Augmented-Reality Glasses — Microvision technology ?

  1. Brandon says:

    Who else’s technology, besides Microvision’s, could be integrated into this concept. Less than I can count on my hand.

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