Video: The Nest Learning Thermostat

Saw an interview with Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest on Bloomberg TV this evening. Fadell is an ex Apple guy who had a lot to do w/ the iPod and iPhone product lines.

I’ve heard about Nest, but hadn’t checked it out — impressive stuff, and could have a big impact:

Love the design of their site too:

5 thoughts on “Video: The Nest Learning Thermostat

  1. Raanan – I love the concept (and the site is really nice) but I can’t help wondering if anyone would care if it weren’t Tony Faddel (or a guy like Jon Rubinstein) who was behind it. The links to Steve and to the iPod/iPhone are creating some serious buzz for the Nest thermostat.


    • the star power definitely helps.

      but overall, I love products and companies that are going after a huge market where the current “winners” are creating mediocre products. That seems to be perfectly the case here …

    • racerrick says:

      The features are pretty cool. I live in an old home and I am CONSTANTLY adjusting the thermostat. Scheduling it doesn’t work.

      So if it does what they say, in my ancient house with radiant heat… it’s worth it.

      But it also looks pretty sweet.

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