New Linking Feature in

This morning users woke up to a handful of new features including a linking feature that is something I’ve wanted to see in WP for quite some time.  The idea now is that you have a nice little tool to assit you in linking to content that you’ve already created inside your WordPress by simply searching using keywords:

These new features are part of WordPress 3.1, which is still being tested, but as a developer you can grab via SVN, or just fire up your site to see it now.

3 thoughts on “New Linking Feature in

  1. Marv says:

    I took a look at the linking feature a few days ago and I must say, that I love it.
    But I thought this feature was designed to be able to use a relative linking by post-id?
    You know to ease the process of moving to an other domain or changing the permalink structure. But than I found out, that this new feature is only a helper to write HTML and it doesn’t include any custom tag (like [link post=1023 alt=”foobar”] ) ?

    So is this really only a dictionary to look up old posts?

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