Getting Mobile – WordCamp Jerusalem

Here is my presentation from today’s WordCamp Jerusalem on “Getting Mobile” with WordPress apps:

Great seeing everyone, and excited to see how vibrant the Israeli WordCamp community has become in just a few short years.

5 thoughts on “Getting Mobile – WordCamp Jerusalem

  1. Hi Raanan – I can’t help but look at the figures for J2ME (20% ?!) and wonder why there’s been no official development for that platform. So, in lieu of me asking last Sunday, and sorry to have missed you, I’ll ask now. 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer —

      Sorry we didn’t catchup in Jerusalem.

      Which mobile device are you using ?

      Re: J2ME — you can’t easily create a generic J2ME app that would work on every phone as it’s quite fragmented. From the stats we’ve seen, the majority of J2ME users are on the Nokia platform, and for that we have an app that is shaping up to be a great one:

  2. Yes, it is an older Nokia and I’m using Snaptu and Opera Mini on it to access the web. I’ll check out the Nokia app, but have my doubts that my present phone will support it. (And not up to me when/how my phone gets upgraded…)

    Just saw your tweets in the sidebar about the free WiFi and had to laugh. The bus line that runs from where I live to TLV also offers free WiFi. We Israelis luvs our Intertubes. 🙂

    שנה טובה

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