Be’er Sheva Props in TV Show Asfur

Got sucked into watching the show Asfur a few months ago, and took me a while to get through the whole season. Turned out it was worth it — great acting, awesome music, but some disappointing episodes too. Couldn’t quite tell why, but the writing seemed to copy some of those 1970s US dramas / soap operas – with inexplicable coincidences, fake deaths, and all the rest 😉

The opening of the show is embedded here below:

What caught my eye one night was seeing a shout out to the city of Be’er Sheva, which one of the characters was from:

Roughly translated, she is saying “this wouldn’t happen in Be’er Sheva …”.

If Tel-Aviv is the NYC / Miami / LA of Israel, then Be’er Sheva is the Cleveland / Detroit / Newark of Israel — a great town but doesn’t get a lot of respect.

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