Can We Kill the Fax Yet ?

Can’t believe how many people, companies, and organizations still require you to fax something. In fact, the more important, expensive, or “official” a transaction is – the higher the likelihood that a fax will be involved. You can use eFax or send scanned PDFs, but the reality is that you may find yourself faxing in a document for a big contract, or a real estate transaction.

It’s been 9+ years plus since Bill Clinton “used a smart card … to sign the digital signatures bill into law … ushering in a revolution of the digital kind.”

What do you guys think ? And what exactly is keeping this fax thing around ? Is it legal reasons, old habits, or a lack of trust for digital documents ? Quick poll below:

One thought on “Can We Kill the Fax Yet ?

  1. Anne says:

    I voted for Yes. Hard to believe some office places would still buy those paper fax rolls. We got rid of our fax machine ages ago.

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