2 thoughts on “Video: Charlie Brooker – How To Report The News

  1. Michael Pick says:

    Genius, and sadly spot on with regards the way tv news is so often manufactured and processed like homogenous factory-line beef patties.

    I was reminded of Chris Morris‘ satire of news and current affairs programming in Brass Eye (not sure if that one was ever exported). He went a step further, conning z-grade celebrities, members of parliament and other “talking heads” into making ridiculous, reactionary statements, all the while under the impression that they were appearing on a genuine news show. Amazing the nonsense they’d agree to talk about. See, for instance, the somewhat controversial episode Paedogeddon for some classic examples.

    The Day Today preceded it, had some of the same people involved, and was pretty spot on, too. Looks like it’s been YouTubed.

    I guess the funniest thing is that ten years later it holds up so well 🙂

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