Really excited about the launch of SocialVibe as a new widget on It’s also been great working with the team on SocialVibe, and I’ve been impressed with how quickly they’ve iterated based on the feedback we’ve provided from bloggers.

For those of you who haven’t run across SocialVibe before, essentially it’s a way to have sponsors donate directly to your favorite charities by connecting the sponsor with a cause. I’ve added it to my sidebar on this blog so you can check it out.

For self-hosted WordPress sites you can grab the SocialVibe plugin.

7 thoughts on “SocialVibe

  1. theoneinpink says:

    Hey Raanan! Thanks so much for the kind words, and of course for your help with the launch, we’re so excited about finally getting this thing up and running. You are one hard working guy. Can’t wait to see the positive impact that will come from this – for bloggers, brands and causes alike.

    -Sarah Townsend

  2. Zaki Yamani says:

    Hey Raanan, i tried to add the SocialVibe widget on my page but it couldnt work. any pointers to help me with?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi, Raanan.

    Am I interpreting correctly that for a site I can only use the widget (as opposed to copying code from SocialVibe) and that I am limited to the charity and sponsor options presented in the widget rather than the full range offered at SocialVibe?


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