New Hampshire Public Radio Interview on Iraq Trip

I had a great conversation with Virginia Prescott of NHPR’s Word of Mouth on the topic of “Rebuilding Iraq, Blog By Blog“:

In an effort to encourage Iraq to use social media to rebuild itself, the State Department sent representatives from Twitter, Google, YouTube and WordPress to Baghdad in late April. For five days, they visited universities, met with technology companies, and sat down with Iraqi president Jalal Talabani.

Raanan Bar-Cohen was there. He’s vice president of Automattic, which leads the WordPress open-source project, a blog-publishing tool. Raanan spoke with Word of Mouth about how he observed Iraqis using social networks during his visit.

You can listen to the interview (MP3) here.

3 thoughts on “New Hampshire Public Radio Interview on Iraq Trip

  1. Anat says:

    Wow – that was an amazing interview. Sounded scripted – it was so articulate and thoughtful. Well done!! Maybe this does hold the key for rebuilding some new social fabric that can stich society back together again. Great job! Anat

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