FreshBooks Open Sources iPhone App

“We learned first hand that it’s not easy to make an iPhone app. Taking some inspiration from the folks at Automattic (who open sourced their free WordPress iPhone application), we’ve decided to give back to our customers by sharing what we’ve learned.”


Very cool.

[ FreshBooks iPhone App ]

4 thoughts on “FreshBooks Open Sources iPhone App

    • @Rayanne —

      I’m obviously biased, but I think more iPhone apps should go Open Source 🙂

      Hopefully our two projects can also help each other — we’ve got a few new features that are coming in the next release of the WordPress for iPhone app that may be interesting for you guys.

  1. That sounds awesome, Raanan! Please do keep us informed. You’re truly inspirational : )

    The best guy to get in touch with about this stuff is Sunir. I know he’d be thrilled to hear from you. You can reach him at sunir at

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