WordCamp Israel

Good morning from Tel-Aviv !

I’ll be attending WordCamp Israel in a couple of hours and giving a quick presentation as well. I’ll update this post later in the day with the slides and hopefully some video footage too.

update: Great seeing everyone and hope my presentation was helpful.  We don’t have the video yet, but below is the Keynote/PPT using Slideshare.  I also generally go more visual on the slides with a photo and just a word or two, but knowing that I was going to embed it, I made it a bit more verbose.

( Download PDF version of the presentation & a cool visual representation of the presentation by dibau naum h on flickr plus the WordCamp Israel 2008 flickr pool )

Also a few things people at WC Tel Aviv didn’t seem to know about that are helpful:

Thanks to Tal, Noa, Elad Salomons, and Itai Nathaniel and all the organizers and volunteers for a great WordCamp.

13 thoughts on “WordCamp Israel

  1. Just wanted to thank you for the participation, the tips in the presentation, and your involvement in general. I must admit that i came without much expectations, and gladly, i was wrong 🙂

    see you next year!

  2. akismetisgood says:

    Thanks for everything Raanan.
    I would also like to mention that Elad Salomons AND Itai Nathaniel are part of the organizing team – and did an amazing amount and quality of work to get this production happening.

    Hope to see you next year,
    Tal Galili

  3. Very much enjoyed your speech and meeting you too. Still interested in finding out what the breakdown of English/Hebrew bloggers on COM is. 🙂 Thanks again for coming over.

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