He picked WordPress.com

Always nice to run across these kinds of posts.

This one from Kreblog titled “State Of The Blog

I’ve done it all:

* I’ve been on Blogger (hosted myself and hosted on blogspot.com).
* I’ve been on MovableType (hosted myself… I think twice).
* I’ve been on Community Server (hosted myself).
* I’ve been on .TEXT (hosted myself).
* I’ve been on dasBlog (hosted myself).
* I’ve been on WordPress (hosted myself and hosted on wordpress.com).
* I have Windows Live Spaces, Yahoo 360, Vox, LiveJournal, MySpace, and Facebook accounts… all are unused because blogging there is either confusing and/or subpar.

And my conclusions up to this point:
*WordPress is currently the best blogging server software hands down.
*wordpress.com is the best blogging host.

(emphasis mine)

Read the full analysis

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