New Feature: Prologue

At our Automattic offsite last week, Joseph Scott and Matt Thomas created a very cool new WordPress theme that we plan to use in-house: Prologue.

Inspired by Twitter, you can see it in action in this live demo.Β  Prologue is also available as an open source theme to use with your self-hosted WordPress blog.

Full details here on the blog plus an early review on Mashable.

My gut tells me we’ll see some really interesting mods with this theme — can’t wait.

UPDATE: Lots of interest already — the announcement post just made the top of techmeme:

12 thoughts on “New Feature: Prologue

  1. cool — thanks. can’t wait to see how you use it πŸ™‚

    I think for corporate use this could also be a real great tool since so many companies have deployed WordPress for internal & public facing blogs. Adding the Prologue theme is a super simple step …

    I posted at our publisher blog:

    and have already received feedback from a few people looking to use it on internal projects.

  2. Speaking of mods: I banged my head on 3 things right off: no sidebar? doesn’t display pages? and, most importantly, when I post a new item the previous one/s disappear, even though it’s configured to display 10.
    I’m hoping to find out who’s working on this (I imagine Matt’s pretty busy) to pitch in. Joseph Scott?

  3. Ok … I’m gonna call that one a mulligan.
    Writing that cleared the log-jam: the sidebar is there, and it can be configured to carry Pages, so that’s good.
    And *D’uhh!* since the theme is intended to show only the most recent post from each contributor, it’s behavior is quite correct.
    Why couldn’t I figure this out last night? Let’s say I had a long day.


  4. @raanan Pretty fine how fast the page / category snafu got fixed, but I have to say y’all moved too fast to show stream.

    In the comment I put on Chris Brogan’s “Prologue is More Than …”; my thinking was this: fine stuff to fix the functionality, but there was some value in the previous logic … and IMNSHO that got blown away in haste. (Some folk didn’t get it? Yaa, ok … and lotsa folk “don’t get” Twitter … )
    I think it’s too bad that the “most recent from each” got blown away.
    The suggestion I’d made was that “stream” be accessible, perhaps as a separate page, but that homepage remain as it had been originally. (I don’t know what the discussion had been, but I support it, as a plausible alternative logic.)

    I have the previous version, the one that has that logic, but it also has all the frabbed stuff. And the updates w/fixes blows away that logic.

    I’d make this request: for those of us who don’t grok WP tables and SQL logic (My page on Codex shows I’m working on it!), to release a branch that a) has the fixes to Page and Category, but b) retains that distinctive “most recent from each” feature.
    Heck, I’ll take the task of hacking that to create a stream page as an entry point!


    p.s. sure wish there was Preview here.

  5. @bentrem —

    all interesting ideas and ones that are being debated all over the place πŸ™‚

    Since we release everything as open source you can definitely tweak it — and I’m sure many other people will be coming out soon with various implementations.

    also, if you aren’t already signed up, I’d recommend joining the wp-hackers mailing list for these types of topics:


  6. @raanan I must be in the right groove; just re-read AKing’s “AllThingsDigital” post and heh found myself right back here. *grin*
    But “being debated all over the place” … yaa, I get that feeling, but I’m not in the loop. (technorati loaded in another tab; I’m about to go geek hunting)

    Peek … I just installed the ExtJS theme (and also the ExtJS Admin menus … gawd, goodness is sweet sometimes!) and blue-sky pondering that page gave me a thought, in keeping with my “cognitive ergonomics” hobby horse, and supporting my feeling that “most recent from each” should have been preserved.
    Imagine this: only a single blurt from each contributer … but mouse-over a geeky-sweet icon in each and a popup opens displaying the last, say, 7 blurts (limited lengtch? truncated? plugs?) along with a >More< link).

    Anyhow, if I can recover an intermediate build I’ll run with that.

    And TU for pointer to (yet another!) the mail-list.


    p.s. no email notification … *humph*. Years on LJ (email notification and threaded comments both) have spoiled me.

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