WordCamp Israel 2007

WordCamp Israel

One of the great things about WordPress is seeing how it’s being used around the world. From the various language translations to hosted versions the level of engagement and creativity is super impressive.

A great example is what’s happening in Israel. The WordPress community in Israel is now organizing a WordCamp (english blog) on Oct 25th, 2007 in Tel Aviv. I’m sure it’s going to be a great event, and looking forward to seeing when the next one will be held — I’d love to attend 🙂

From their blog:

About WordCamp Israel
WordCamp is coming to Israel on Oct. 25 in Tel Aviv! Lorelle is the keynote speaker, and the lectures and panels will be covering topics like WordPress installation, blogging for business, and more.

5 thoughts on “WordCamp Israel 2007

  1. Hi Raanan – sorry you won’t be able to make it! But hopefully we’ll be able to plan next year’s WordCamp Israel farther in advance, so that you’ll have enough time to book your ticket :).

    Hopefully we’ll be taping the panels and lectures, which will become available after the event. Although that won’t really help those who don’t speak Hebrew.

  2. raanan bar-cohen says:

    @ Elad: Would love to, but won’t be able to juggle my schedule around this time … hopefully next time.

    @ Miriam: The videos would be great, even if just for us hebrew speakers 🙂

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