Wallstrip now part of the CBS family


Congrats to the fantastic team at WallstripHoward, Lindsay, Adam and the rest of the crew. From the CBS press release:

CBS Interactive today announced the acquisition of Wallstrip, an online property that produces and syndicates a daily webshow focused on financial news. The acquisition was first referenced in Wallstrip’s program this morning.

Wallstrip has been a must-see for me everyday, and I always point to it as an example of how web video should be created. It’s well produced, takes advantage of the visual medium, teaches me something, and keeps my attention for 2.5 minutes — that’s all I want !

Howard Lindzon details the incredible journey in his blog post, and Trader Mike has complete coverage here. After only a few months and some seed money they’ve taken their business to the next level.

The other takeaway that’s very obvious is just how easy Wallstrip made the content consumable and easy to find/subscribe. As you can see in their right nav slogan “Watch Wallstrip where YOU want!”.

Video: They had their videos on the site (obviosuly), but also on youtube, revver, iTunes, veoh, and other major video platform.

Widget: They built a widget so any blogger could embed the video.

SEO: They built the site using WordPress, which has great built in SEO, and they blogged and got links from their great network of colleagues and fans.

Subscription: They offered up various RSS feeds, myYahoo links, and an email option too.

Bottom line — they created great content, were smart about distribution and promotion, and chose best of breed technologies and partners.

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