Made a few changes to the site – let me know what you think

Been testing and trying various widgets and features on this site ( and on the RSS feeds ), and would love any feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

* daily delicious links summary in the RSS feed. I had this running for a few days, and the feedback has been mostly of confusion or slight annoyance. I took it out 🙂 What do you think ?


* I replaced the built in wordpress search with Lijit – which searches my site, sites in my blogroll, my delicious links, etc. Seeing some solid results and I like the interface. Let me know what you think:


* Alex King has a great set of plugins that I use here. The mobile plugin is solid and really makes the site load up fast on my blackberry. I’m also using Alex’s share-it plugin, and the twitter plugin (shown in the sidebar). He has a bunch of other good ones, check them out here.

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