All Things Digital has launched

All Things Digital

Tonight we launched !

It’s the new home home of Walt Mossberg (plus his 2 year archive of WSJ columns), Kara Swisher and John Paczkowski (aka ‘Digital Daily’).

The project was an amazing team effort, and it was a pleasure launching this site with such an outstanding collection of people. As Brian Oberkirch summarized so well, is …

powered by WordPress MU as part of the VIP hosting at Automattic. (Yay Barry. Yay Matt.) The wonder kids at Mule Design did their usual magic on the site. Rockstars Alex King and Adam Tow built it out and added the custom fu needed for all the functionality. Raanan Bar-Cohen and Beth Callaghan made it all work.

I’d also like to thank Tony Conrad and Martin Remy @ Sphere for working on the allthingsd Sphere Widget, and Rick Klau and Don Loeb at Feedburner for their help on all things RSS.

There were countless people who assisted from the Dow Jones Online team, such as Christine Mohan , Daniel Bernard, and Pete Kostakis, and they were especially kind to accommodate our 24/7 schedule 🙂 Thank you all …

Great job everyone, now click over and check it out.

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