Video: Thru Jerusalem

Maestro of YouTube Kutiman is at it again, this time releasing a music video titled “Thru-Jerusalem” that brings together local musicians to epitomize the sounds of their city.

Kutiman is Israel-based producer Ophir Kutiel, who recently released a song composed entirely of mashed-up YouTube videos (“My Favorite Color”) and made it onto Time‘s “50 Best Inventions of 2009″ list for a similar project, ThruYou.

The particular video — shot, edited and directed by Kutiman — was created for Jerusalem Season of Culture, for which he is the artist of the season.

Via mashable and miriamschwab

Fareed Zakaria on The American Dream

One of the better, more sober shows I’ve seen lately on a range of issues including education, investment in R&D, and global competition. I wish there was more programming like this:

Fareed has gathered four of the top businessmen in America to tell us what’s at the heart of the job problem — how some many have been lost — and what the solutions are — how America can re-gain what its lost:

– Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO Google
– Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola
– Klaus Kleinfeld, CEO of Alcoa
– Lou Gerstner, who ran three American giants — RJ Reynolds, American Express & IBM

And Fareed will present solutions of his own — both for the nation and for the American worker.

Really recommend watching this: How do we fix the American dream? CNN Fareed Zakaria reports. Summary of show and clips here.